Behind The Prints

Nephthys Foster is a London-based, self-taught illustrator specialising in designing vibrant, bold prints that pay homage to life's small pleasures. Her journey commenced in early 2022 when, decorating her new home, she felt the need for artwork that resonated with her spaces. This drove her to embark on creating her first collection of prints. The encouraging response from friends and early sales inspired her to share her work with a broader audience through online sales.

Nephthys' art serves as a tribute to life's often-overlooked moments of joy. She embraces the simplicity of existence, encouraging others to do the same. This year, Nephthys has exhibited her work in notable locations such as Selfridges, John Lewis, and Oliver Bonas. Since incorporating wholesale clients into her journey, her work can now be found in a range of independent home and fashion retailers in the UK, France, Amsterdam, Portugal, US and Brazil.

Nephthys has recently expanded her repertoire by delving into the world of designing bespoke event stationery. This new venture has allowed her to bring her unique artistic touch to a broader spectrum of occasions, adding an extra layer of creativity to life's memorable moments.

"My art celebrates the little joys in life—those moments that are often unnoticed but hold great significance for our happiness. It's a reminder not to take life too seriously and to cherish the simplicity and laughter found in those tiny moments." - Nephthys